One of the best exercises for weight loss

Do you want to know one of the best exercises to lose excess weight? In this article, you will read about the recommendations of a famous fitness trainer. Jimmy Weber has been working as a fitness trainer for more than twenty years and he has information to share with you.

There is a mass of the most diverse sets of exercises for all tastes. Some of them are of high intensity, while others are fascinating and interesting. None of them is better that cycling. If you like riding a bicycle, then this exercise is the best for you.

Cycling is a type of intensive cardio training on exercise bikes. This is not just a monotonous ride at the same pace, but an imitation of fascinating races on the slopes, mountains and other places. Cycling appeared in the 90s and won the hearts of many people who were watching their weight.

You can combine cycling at the gym with riding a bike. Weber bought his first bicycle in the beginning of his career. If you ride slowly and intensively, you will burn your fat. If you ride fast and hard, you will burn carbs.

Unfortunately, many people do not know all the benefits of cycling and give it away after some time. When you are riding a bike, you can combine business with pleasure. You will lose weight and have fun like in your childhood.

Over the years, Weber has seen a lot of people who lost up to 100 pounds after they included cycling into their life. Do not forget, cycling is very effective, but if you want to achieve the greatest results, you should also eat healthy foods.

Many researches show that high intensity interval training is the best way to speed up your metabolism, to boost your fitness, to pump up your muscle and, of course, to lose weight in the result. Cycling is the best high intensity interval training.

You can have such workout: push as hard as you can for twenty seconds, then go slower for forty seconds and repeat this session eight times. Take a five-minute pause and repeat up to five times. You will love the results.