Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight and How to Fix Them

You are trying different diets and exercise to lose your extra pound but they just don’t work. Here we are going to tell you why. We will give you a list of reasons you aren’t losing weight.

1. You Are Not Eating Enough Protein
Protein is one of the essential nutrients for losing weight. If you eat protein at 25-30% of calories it will boost your metabolism by 80-100 calories per day. It also reduces your cravings and helps you feel full for long period.

2. You Don’t Drink Enough Water
We all know that drinking a lot of water helps us loss our extra weight. When our body is dehydrated our organs can work properly and the food can’t be digested in proper way. Our metabolism is also decreased and we are not getting the expected results from our diets.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep
When we don’t get enough sleep our body suffers from hormonal imbalance. Our leptin levels, which reduce the appetite, are lowered and our ghrelin levels, which increase appetite, are raise. That is why we overeat and we get more pounds.

4. You Don’t Eat Breakfast
Skipping breakfast is the worst decision you can make. You body will hold on to fats because it things it’s being starving. It is proven that people who eat breakfast regularly lose more weight than people who skip it.

5. You Are Not Exercising Enough
Doing regular exercise is extremely important for your weight loss. It is recommended minimum 150 minutes of exercise per week, but 240 minutes is ideal. You should do more cardio and exercise to strengthen your muscles. Do it every morning after waking up will energize your body and improve your mood. It will also keep you away from cravings.