Scientists revealed taking a hot bath burns as many calories as a 30-minute walk

Scientists from many countries came to conclusion that 30-minutes jogging is no more effective. Due to recent research the same effect has taking the hot (almost 104 Fahrenheit degree) bath.

– Fourteen men were taking part in this survey.

– They said they were doing sports like jogging and riding the bicycle.

– Other part said they were taking bath for the same time.

– After medical examination doctors confirmed the same calorie loss.

Credit: Giphy

– That was explained as a specific reaction of the body to the heat.

– Some processes started to pass faster, heartbeat gone higher: the blood flow more oxygen to organs and muscles, so it caused loss of energy.

– This method is effective for making a good tone for the body after a hard day of before sleeping.

Credit: Giphy

– Waist of calories that way also can help to fall asleep faster and to feel better and more relaxed at the morning.

– So, the only thing that is needed is to raise the water temperature for one degree.