Most of the women who are visiting the gym are targeting the legs, butt, and abdominals as the most important and noticeable body zones that need to be exercises, not paying attention to the back. The back should not be neglected and the same should be worked out, because the same is not only the key to the beautiful fit body figure, but a key to a healthy organism too.

Less is the number of people who are performing certain exercises that the muscles placed in the back are the ones responsible for support of the spine and prevention of different curvatures.
Nowadays, many people are facing with back fat and are in constant search of proper exercises that will suit their bodies. Today’s article will present to you a back fat fast workout that need to be combined with a proper nutrition plan. The workout should be performed 2-3 times weekly and each of the exercises to be repeated for 10-12 times. Also 2-3 sets of each exercises need to be done.

Following are the detailed instructions of the 4 exercises that are part of the workout that will lead you to sexy back.

Smith Machine Inverse Rows
A bar will be needed for this exercise. Place the bar at the high of your waist and bring your body under the bar. Get the bar with both of your hands, using an underhand grip. Make sure that your body is in a straight position. Next, in order to pull your body towards the bar, you will have to pull your elbows to the bas as far as possible, so that the bar will touch your chest. Try to stay into this position and squeeze your back muscles and arms. Then you may return your body to the starting position with a controlled movement.

Bent Over Rows
This exercise targets the biceps and the upper part of your back. You will need a pair of dumbbells for this exercise. Take the dumbbells into your hands and stand on both your feet on a distance as the shoulders. Then slightly bend your knees. Next, bend over from the hips and stop when your back will be in a parallel position with the ground. Then bring the dumbbells up and squeeze your shoulder blades. Take a little break and then lower the dumbbells. As this you have completed one repetition. You will have to complete all the required repetitions without standing up.

Plank Rows
Start the exercise by placing your body into a push-up plank position. You will have to hold a dumbbell at each of your hands. Your legs will need to be on a distance as the hips. Engage your glutes and your core and bring your right elbow towards the ceiling into a straight position. The dumbbell should be lifted up and to the outside of your chest. Then you may return the dumbbell to the floor and make the same movements with the left side. As this you have completed one repetition.

Alternating Leg Lifts
The video is presenting the detailed instructions of the exercise that need to be followed in order effective results to be achieved.