You might say you’re gonna do 50 crunches a night while you binge-watch the latest on Netflix, but in reality … just, no. And wouldn’t it be great to kiss crunches goodbye for good? Fitness experts even question their effectiveness as ab toner compared with other more powerful core exercises.

In this episode of Kickstart Workout, certified personal trainer Holly Rilinger leads a killer, 6-minute routine that is packed with core-strengthening exercises (none of which include crunches). If you’re looking for a six-pack abs, Holly recommends following this routine two or three times a week.

But toning your tummy is not all about the looks: Core strength is a major asset to your body’s everyday movements. Your core muscles are activated almost every time you move, as they help stabilize the body during movement. (Just ask anyone who has had an appendectomy or a C-section how tough it is to move when you can’t use your core muscles.)

This 6-minute abs workout uses the following core-strengthening moves:

– Shoulder Taps

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– Russian Twists

Russian Twist | Illustrated Exercise Guide

– 180° Abs

– Scissor Kicks

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– Side Planks

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– Slow Bicycles

ABS-Slow Bicycle - YouTube

If you need more convincing to give up your go-to crunches regimen, this 6-minute abs workout actually doubles as cardio. That means in addition to strengthening your core, you’ll actually get your heart pumping a little faster, which is beneficial for anyone worried about heart disease.