Spend 60 seconds a day doing this exercise and in 1 month your abdomen will be reduced

All people which have ever tried to reduce belly fat know that it`s a really difficult process. And there is no wonder, since this area is one of the most problematic. But fortunately, today there are many ways to eliminate problem of this kind.

It`s a well-known fact, that the best way to get rid of excess body fat is keeping healthy eating and performing daily exercises.

And the best option is to combine cardiovascular and strength ones. So, you should choose the diet and cardio exercises, that`s easy.

And today we have for you one really effective exercise which will tone your abdominal muscles making them strong and attractive.

It`s a plank. Everything you should do is to spend just three minutes a day performing these exercises and very soon your body will completely change.

#1 Clamshells Exercises with Band

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– Lie on your left side with your left arm under your head for support. Rest your other hand on your hip. Bend your knees to a 45 degree angle. Place above mini-band above your knees

– Keeping your feet together, tighten your abs and spread your knees as far apart as possible. Repeat as many times as possible and then repeat on the opposite side.

There are also more exercises which you can do and get rid of belly fat

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