The Best Moves for Inner and Outer Thighs

6.Single-Leg Hip Raise

Using this exercise will help tone up your thighs and work your buttocks as well.

How to do: Lie on your back with your right leg on the floor and left knee bent. Straighten out your right leg and slowly lift it to a 45-degree angle or until it aligns with your left thigh. By using your core muscles, press your left heel into the ground to raise your buttocks until you get in a position where your shoulder, thighs, and hips are in a straight line. Return to the starting position and repeat with your other leg.

7.Resistance Band Clamshell

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Using resistance band makes smaller muscles in your thighs and hamstrings work better. This really helps bring your outer and inner thighs in good shape.

How to do: Start by wrapping a resistance band around your thighs. Lay down on the floor with your knees bent in a 90-degree angle and feet placed firmly on the ground. Slowly lift your top knee about 12 inches with your foot maintaining its position against your bottom foot. Now, slowly lower your knee to touch your bottom knee. Repeat a few times for the burn.

8.Fire Hydrant

Doing this exercise regularly will help tighten up your muscles in outer and inner thigh. The exercise is also quite beneficial for your core muscles, arms, and buttocks.

How to do: Go on all fours and slowly take your left leg out to your side. Lift it as high as possible and take a little pause before returning to the starting position. Repeat with your other leg as well.

9.Squeeze and Lift

This is one of the very best exercises for your inner thighs. In fact, it is effective for those who have weak inner-thigh muscles or have a groin injury. At the same time, it also works your outer thighs.

How to do: Get a small exercise ball and place it between your ankles – using a weighted ball will work even better. Lie down with your left arm used to support your head. Slowly bend your top arm while pushing the floor with your hand to maintain your balance. Now, squeeze the ball using your inner thighs. While squeezing the ball lift your legs off the ground by pressing your bottom leg up. Hold the position for a few seconds and repeat with your other side.

10.Cardio for Thighs

Along with doing abovementioned inner and outer thigh exercises, you should include cardio exercises in your fitness program to lose excess fat. You can start with running or cycling, but anything like stair climbing, swimming, or kickboxing will work just fine.
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