The exercises we can’t live without, according to science

Good health is the key to a long and happy life. Someone was born with good health, because he inherited it from his parents, and someone does everything to get that perfect health. We constantly need to monitor our health and improve it, giving our body healthy food, allowing it to rest and doing physical exercises to keep it in track.

As for exercising, this is the key to good health, by the way, since it helps our body act as an anti-aging activity. When you exercise on a regular basis, your bones and muscles grow stronger, the blood circulation in your body improves, the risk of having cardiovascular issues or diabetes drops significantly, and all your organs work more productively.

You probably know that there are no bad exercises, because each of them is very effective both for your body and for your mind. However, there are some exercises that all people must practice on a regular basis in order to improve and increase their lifespan. Keep reading and you will find out what these exercises are!

#1. Bending

If you want to live a long and happy life, then you should start bending as soon as possible and as often as possible. By bending your body, you improve muscle strength and flexibility. However, before you fully commit yourself to this exercise, we recommend you pass a small test. You just need to try a simple forward bending exercise:

-Begin with a little warm up exercise and then bend forward, keeping your knees and back straight.

-Try to bend as much as you can and remember the point that you could reach while bending. Now stand up.

Your body age is somewhere between 20-25 years if your palms touched the ground with ease and you weren’t in tearing hurry to stand up. If you touch the floor with your fingertips while you bend your knees a little, your body age is somewhere between 25 to 38 years. You don’t seem to be very uncomfortable holding this posture.

Your body age is somewhere between 30 to 50 years if your fingers are touching your feet partly and you feel the tension in your muscles. Your body age is more than 50 years if you find it difficult to touch your feet. While bending backwards, your knees are bent and you find it tough to hold that position.

If the flexibility of your body is much younger than your actual age, then you deserve applause, since you are a real champ! In case your body age is higher than your actual one, you must improve your flexibility with exercise. Bending at least 30 times in a day is a great way to improve flexibility. If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you must practice bending on a regular basis!

#2. Sitting on a chair

What is muscular tension? This is when your muscles remain partially contracted, you may have this for a number of reasons, even because of stress. What’s more, muscular tension can lead you to neck and back pain. By sitting on a chair, you can release muscular tension. It is important to do this “sitting” exercise every day to get all its benefits.

– Sit down on a chair and keep your back in neutral position..

– Hold your breath for 30 seconds then exhale.

– Now, take a deep breath in, then let your tummy pop out.

– Once again hold your breath in.

– Exhale completely and then tuck your tummy in.

Try this simple but effective exercise to ease muscle tension, but in order to avoid future health problems, we recommend you consult your doctor before doing this. Take Care, Guys!