Shaun T is a celebrity fitness trainer and the creator of the INSAINITY program, which is defined as the ultimate intense abdominals workout that is targeting each muscle of your middle section of the body. The interesting thing about this workout is that the same have none elementary moves and the same is carving the core from every single angle.

The workout is consisted of 7 simple exercises. Following are detailed instructions of each exercise, as well the muscles that are targeted by each exercise.

Diamond Back

This exercise is targeting the so called erector muscle, a muscle that is consisted of several paired bundles muscles that are attached on the spine. Additionally, the erector spinae starts from the sides of the spinal column up until the back of the pelvis. The same is protecting and strengthening the entire back.

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Shaun T explains that most of the people want to have amazing abs, but they are not aware of the fact that in order to have strengthen abs you need to have strong back. Although this exercise does not look as challenging one, it is. Start the exercise by laying down on the floor with the face towards the ground. As you are lifting your legs slightly off the ground, squeeze your glutes. Next, lift your chest and extend your arms as much as you can, bringing them in front of you. As you are maintaining your chest in a lifted position, put one of your elbows towards your back. Then switch the arms and repeat the same movements with the opposite side too.

Scissor Clap

This exercise is targeting the muscles that are known as rectus muscles. The same are defined as long paired muscles that are giving the six-pack look of the stomach, thanks to their connection with the tissue. This muscles are responsible for moving your torso to the front every time when there is a need of it.

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This exercise will give a great burn to your muscles. Although the same looks very childish because of the clasping with the hands, the same is quite effective.  Start the exercise by laying down on your back on the ground and lift your shoulder blades off the ground. Make sure that your legs are in a straight position. Next, you will have to lift one of your legs, so that both of your legs will form a ‘L’ shape. Afterwards, clap your hands behind the leg that is in a vertical position and continue with the scissors movements with your legs. Do not forget to clap with your hands behind your knee.

Low Plank Oblique Knee Lift

This exercise is targeting the external oblique, which are running on each of your sides. The external oblique muscles are helping your spine to rotate and your body to bend from side to side. Since the oblique muscles are quite large, they are playing great role in terms of your physique.

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If you consider the side planks are quite hard exercises to be performed, get ready for the low plank oblique knee lift. In order to start the exercise, you will have to bring your body into a side plank. To maintain a balance, you will have to use one of your forearms and place your shoulder above your elbow. Place the other hand at the level of your chest and then lift the top knee towards your chest to a level where the same will tap your hand. Once this is done you may lower your body to the floor.

Ab Sprint

This exercise is targeting the internal oblique muscles, which are actually working together with the external oblique muscles and are helping your body to rotates and bend. Additionally, the exhaling while exercising is also helped by the internal oblique muscles too.

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Start the exercise by extending one of your legs in front of you, while the knee of the opposite leg is bend towards your chest. As you are pumping your arms as you are running, alternate your legs to the back and forth.

Drum V

This exercise is targeting the transverse abdominis, which is defined as the innermost abdominal muscle. The same is outspreading along the front and side of your abdomen, forming something like a corset. The transverse abdominis is also known as a muscle that is fuelling the athletic performance, no matter whether we are talking about swimming, running, or cycling.

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At a first sight, this exercise looks as you are pounding your fists against your belly. In order to start the exercise, you need to extend your legs in front of you as much as you can. Next lift them up until the entire body forms a ‘V’ shape. While you are maintaining your body into the ‘V’ shape, bang your fists against your abs, but not too far.

Pike Up

This exercise is targeting the hip flexors which are known as group of muscles that are placed in the upper thighs and pelvis. In everyday speech, the hip flexors are known as the lower abs. The same are responsible for bringing your knees up to the chest, as well keeping your pelvis in the same line with your thighs. It is good to know that this group of muscles most of the time is put to a risk of running injuries.

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The pike up exercise looks as you are performing some exercise while you are using a ball. In order to start with the exercise, you need to bring your body into a high-plank position. Next, as you are keeping your legs together and into a straight position, bring your feet towards the chest, so that you will position your butt towards the ceiling. At this point, your body should be performing an inverted ‘V’ shape. Make a short pause and then return your feet back to the starting position. Make as many repetitions as recommended to you.

Alternating Plank Balance

This exercise is targeting the multifidus, defined as long and thin muscle that is starting from the base of the spine up till the middle of the back. The same is responsible for the support and the stability of the spinal column. Additionally, helps the vertebra not to be injured.

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Shaun T explains that the alternating plank balance is quite hard exercises and very challenging one. In order to start the exercise, you will need to bring your body into a high plank position. Next, simultaneously extend your left leg behind you and your right arm in front of you. Make a short pause and keep your hips in a square position to the ground. Then alternate sides and repeat the same movements with the opposite side.