The plank’s extraordinary influence on the body

Today, most of people lead sedentary lifestyle and have a number of harmful habits. That’s why they suffer from excess weight and various health conditions caused by this issue.

These people can’t live fully, and very often they suffer from depression and poor self-esteem.

That’s why it is highly important to solve this problem as soon as possible. Luckily, there are methods that can help us stay slim and healthy. Healthy diet and physical exercises work wonders.

Today, we have prepared some useful information for you. We are going to tell you about plank’s extraordinary influence on the body.

You will see that one simple exercise can change your life completely and help you become more attractive and healthy. Let’s start.

— You improve the work of your core muscles

Different plank variations are great for your abs, because they target main core muscle groups. Plank will strengthen all these muscles. In this way it will be much easier for you to do regular everyday things. Your body will get strong and slim.

— You lower your risks of back and spine injuries

By performing plank regularly you’ll reduce the pressure on your spine. This exercise will strengthen your back muscles, and you’ll forget about back pain, bad posture, and stuff like that.

— You improve your metabolism

Plank helps to burn more calories than squats and twists. Moreover, this exercise will strengthen your back muscles, they will constantly work supporting your spine, and as a result, they will burn calories while you will be sitting. By performing plank in the morning you will not only boost your metabolism, but will also keep it working throughout the day.

— You improve your posture

Plank will strengthen your core muscles. As a result, you’ll have a strong and healthy back. You will be able to keep it straight. Beautiful posture will help you look younger and more attractive.

— Flexibility

Plank stretches all the muscle groups of your upper body and influences the tendons on your legs. As a result, it will also become easier for you to keep the weight of your own body. It will become strong and flexible.

To get the best results you should perform different plank variations. Basic plank will take 1 minute, elbow plank – 30 seconds, leg raised plank – 30 seconds for each leg, side plank – 1 minute, basic plank – 30 seconds, and elbow plank – 1 minute.

This exercise isn’t very difficult. It will take only 5-10 minutes of your time and bring you amazing results. You’ll get the body of your dream in a short period of time. So try our exercise, and the results will impress you!