These 9 tips can help you lower risks of cancer

Cancer is recognized to be one of the leading causes of death among American society.

It’s true that modern medicine forges ahead, and new cure methods supply to reach positive achievements in cancer sufferers. But it’s much better to prevent malignancy development than to treat it.

Unfortunately nobody is assured from cancer, and we don’t have magic pills to avoid it.

On the other hand we’re able to cut down risks of this life-threatening disorder. It mainly concerns to modification of our daily routine, our habits and behavior. Scientists say that from 60 to 75% of cancer-caused deaths can be averted.

Potential risks include obesity, smoking, certain viruses, family predisposition, alcohol or drug abuse, high sun exposure.

Let’s see what each of us can really do to lower cancer hazards.

#1 No smoking

No matter how trite it sounds, but tobacco is truly associated with wide variety of serious health problems. Smoking leads to increased risks of mouth, throat, larynx, lung and bladder cancer.

It’s also a big problem that even if you don’t consume cigars and cigarettes by yourself, you can nevertheless be in high risk group.

So called second hand smoking also refers to provoking factors of cancer appearance.

#2 Keep your weight under the control

Obesity can not only disturb your heart performance, but also lead to raised cancer hazard. Take less calories than you spend in order to lose extra kilos and lower abnormal growth risks.

#3 Be active

Regular workouts were proved to prevent cancer of colon, breast and prostate. Stay active to avoid weight gain and improve your health condition.

Do exercises at least 30 minutes a day to decrease an opportunity of cancer development.

#4 Limit your alcohol consumption

Studies show a close interrelation between excessive alcohol intake and larynx, esophagus, liver, breast and colon cancers. In a couple with smoking malignancy hazards appears extremely high. If you can’t avoid alcohol at all, drink it in moderation, meaning one glass for women and two – for men.

#5 Eat healthy

Read meat and other are able to raise risks of colon and prostate cancer, especially when they are deep fried.

Adding vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains and «good» fats to your diet, you avert obesity and enrich your organism with healthy nutrients.

#6 Avoid excessive sun exposure

We really need sun rays to get enough vitamin D, but it’s important to use right time for sun baths. Try to avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., as it can only bring harm for your health. Use sunglasses, protective clothes and hats to lower risks of skin cancer.

#7 Talk about immunization

Certain viral infections such as human papillomavirus and hepatitis B are bounded with frequent cancer occurrence.

Appeal with your health provider to learn more about special vaccines.

#8 Don’t forget about screenings

Self-exams and screening test can detect precancerous disorders and cancer on early stages, when it is easier to treat it.

#9 Remember about risks

Random sexual partners, unprotected intercourses, injection drugs increase hazards of many dangerous illnesses such as hepatitis B, C and HIV, which are associated with common cancer appearance.