This 100-Rep, Core-Busting Workout Takes All of 4 Minutes to Complete

We are aware how precious is your time during the day, and that you do not have extra hours that you can devote to the gym. We also know how important is to you to have a fit body form, not just to looks attractive to others, but to maintain a good health too. Thus, we came up with a simple 4-minutes workout that will target almost all the muscles of your body, including the upper, middle, and lower abs, as well the oblique too.

The best part? The same may be performed at home, without the need of any special equipment. So are you ready to strengthen your abs spending only 4 minutes per day? Although sounds impossible to you, believe me, it is true.

– The Workout

This workout is consisted of 5 simple exercises. The equipment needed for the same is: a floor space, a medicine ball, and a pull-up bar. You will have to perform the workout every day during the entire week. The same will take no longer the 4 minutes. The exercise repetitions that you will have to perform are the following:

– 20 repetitions of scissor abs;

– 20 repetitions of diamond sit-ups;

– 20 repetitions of twisting roll back;

– 20 double crunches with a medicine ball; and

– 20 reverse crunches.

Following are the detailed instructions for each exercise. Follow them and after one week see how you are going to feel.

  1. Scissor Abs

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Start the exercise by laying down on you back. Place your arms aside your body so that the hands will be facing the floor.

Another alternative is to bend your elbows and put your hands under the back oy your head. Make a movement by bending your knees and drive them to the ribs.

This will easy for you the pull of your navel towards your spine. As this you will be able to press the lower part of your back on the floor.

Next, raise both of your hands and position them towards the ceiling. Continuously engage your abs and press the lower part of your back on the floor.

As you are keeping your core strong, lower down your right leg until the same come several inches of the ground.

Then in controlled movements, start scissoring your legs i.e. lift your right leg back up while you are lowering your left leg down on the ground.

Once you are down with this movement it means that you have completed two repetitions. Continue switching legs and perform 20 repetitions of the exercise.

  1. Diamond Sit-Ups

Image result for Diamond Sit-Ups

Start the exercise by laying down on your back so that you will position your body into a diamond shape i.e. your knees should be out wide and your feet need to be pressed together.

In the yoga, the diamond shape is known as the butterfly pose.

Your arms need to be extended as much as possible over your head.

Then you need to curl your torso so that you may tap the floor in front of your feet.

In order to finish one repetition, you will have to lower back your body slowly.

As this you have completed only one repetition. Make 20 repetitions of the exercise.

  • Twisting Roll Back

Image result for Twisting Roll Back

Starting position – into a “C”, with arms extended forward,

Twisting torso to one side, bend one elbow and pull it back at shoulder level while reaching another arm to opposite knee.

Reaching both arms forward, return to start.

Repeat on another side.

Make 20 repetitions of the exercise (each side).

  • Double Crunch Pulse with Medicine Ball

Image result for v ups Medicine Ball

Starting position –Laying on the floor with knees bent, hold a medicine ball overhead.

Lifting from core back to a sitting position, keep the ball over head.

Make 20 repetitions of the exercise.

  • Reverse Crunch

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Start the exercise by laying down on your back, with your legs lifted in the air.

Then bend your knees and put your hands on the ground, aside your body.

In order to curl your hips off the ground and into your chest, use the lower abs of your body.

While performing this movement you should not use a momentum. In order to return to the starting position, lower down your lower abs.

As this you have completed one repetition. Make 20 repetitions of the exercise.