It is well known that the consumption of caffeine in normal dozes has great benefits upon our health and body. It is scientifically proven that the same may improve the mental alertness, release us from headaches, and even to have positive effect on the process of asthma and diabetes treatments.

If the caffeine is combined with artificial stimulants, sweeteners, and other additives, then the same turns into a strong toxin that harms the heart and in the worst cases leads even to heart attacks.

Cory Terry, a 33-years old father from Brooklyn passed away as a result of a consumption of Red Bull. The most intrigued thing is that he was consuming Red Bulls regularly on a daily basis as an explanation that the same perks him up and gives the energy needed for the day that follows.

One study published at the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, reveals that the consumption of Red Bull may have serious consequences upon people who are facing with cardiovascular issues. Additionally, the consumption of Red Bull may also have negative influence to people who are healthy too, causing then certain adverse effects.

This study was implemented upon 15 healthy examinees who were given to consume unidentified energy drinks similar to Red Bill as part of their everyday diet in a period of one week.

The ultimate results of the study showed increased blood pressure up to 8% at each of the participants. The most interesting thing is that this increase of the blood pressure happened only 4 hours after the consumption of the first energetic drink. By the end of the week this increase went up to 10%. Increase was of 8% was noticed to their heart rates too. The same increased up to 11% by the end of the week.

These conditions caused by the energetic drinks rich with caffeine are linked with high risk of heart attacks as well high blood pressure. The high blood pressure damages the arteries which leads to stroke. Overall, the high heart rates are potential cause of the heart attacks.

Going back to the Red Bull, the same contains a great amount of harmful ingredients. First of all, the Red Bull contains a lot of sugar and carbonation, then caffeine and taurine, which is considered to be a stimulant, and few vitamins from the B group.

Small is the number of researches done that are investigating the consequences of the mixture done by these ingredients. Those small number of studies reveals that this combination is extremely harmful to our organism.

One of those studies was implemented upon 13 participants who were performing high-intense trainings three times a day. Before each training they were consuming a Red Bull, a drink similar to Red Bull but without a taurine, and a placebo without any stimulants.

The ultimate results of the study revealed that the only drink that had a great impact over their stroke volume was the Red Bull. This drink caused enormous amount of their blood too be pumped in and out of their hearts.

Although the ingredients of the Red Bull in an isolated form may not be harmful to our bodies, the combination of the same is seriously harmful to our organism, especially to our blood pressure and heart.

In case you are feeling down and you think that you need some energy drink, avoid Red Bull or any other drinks similar to it, and have a cup of coffee, fresh juice, or fresh smoothie.