This woman dropped 175 Lbs. with this simple diet

This is a magical story of a girl that was able to change her life absolutely and to lose 175 Lbs. This is hard to believe, isn’t it? This girl is Jessica Beniquez. She used to weight 320 Lbs.

Her lifestyle was similar to that of many women. She just went to work, ate fast food and watched series every day. She was not physically active. She did not go to the gym and did not exercise at home.

But everything changed one day. She got up in the morning and started a new life. She decided to stop watching series and to change her lifestyle.

She began eating healthy foods, vegetables, meats and dairy products.

So, she worked on herself day by day. It took nineteen months to lose so many Lbs.

She got support from a great number of women.

They wrote letters, came to her house and congratulated her on her achievement.

Now Jessica is working at the gym and is going to become a certified trainer.

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