Smooth? No. But a sign that Anthony’s regimen was working? Definitely. Most trainers and fitness experts I’ve worked with agree that it usually takes about three weeks to see results from a workout yourself, and six for others to see a difference. With Anthony, everything happened in double time: By the end of our third session, I marveled at my discernibly perkier behind in the locker room mirror.

At the end of week three, I proudly wore my favorite jeans to work, finally filling out the rear end for the first time ever. I made my co-workers stare at my butt (also for the first time ever, promise) and they agreed that things looked toned, firm, and lifted. Mission accomplished: He had successfully whispered my thut into submission, all in a matter of 21 days. Now if anyone knows the Abs Charmer, please give me a ring.

The Workout

In every hour-long session, Anthony usually put me through three circuits of three moves each. A few of the exercises required heavier gym equipment, but several of them only used bodyweight, a kettlebell, or some dumbbells. Try some of our favorites, demonstrated below. (And a bonus: You might notice that your thighs are firmer and more toned as well. Go with it.)

Kneeling Side Kick

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-Get into a side plank position, with your left knee and left hand on the ground and your upper half lifted. Lift your right leg up straight, so it’s either parallel or slightly higher than your right hip.
-Keeping your foot flexed (important!) and your leg straight and at the same height, kick forward as far as you can, and back to start.
-Repeat for 12 reps total and switch sides.

Dirty Dog with Extension

-Get on your hands and knees.
-Lift your right knee to the side so your thigh is parallel to the ground.
-Keeping your foot flexed (again, key!), kick out your leg until it’s straight. Bring your foot back in and put your knee back on the ground.
Repeat for 12 reps total on the right before switching to the left side.

Kettlebell Deadlifts

-Start by standing up straight with feet shoulder-distance apart, arms straight, and holding the kettlebell by the top.
-Bending at your hips and maintaining a flat back, dip down so the kettlebell almost touches the floor.
-Hinge back up straight, squeezing your and engaging your glutes as you come back to start. Repeat for 12 reps total.

Sumo Squats

-Weights are optional, but if using, hold them right at the tops of your shoulders, elbows bent. Stand with feet slightly wider than shoulder-length apart.
-Bending slightly forward at the hips and maintaining a flat back, bend your knees and squat low, until your thighs are parallel with the ground. —Engage your glutes and squeeze as you go, pausing at the bottom for the full effect.
-Stand back up straight, and repeat for 12 reps total.

Sumo Squat Pulse

-Start with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, and squat halfway, your back flat.
-Dip even lower, so your thighs come parallel to the ground.
-Come back up to halfway. Repeat for 12 reps total.

Bridge Variations

  • Grab a yoga block, and lie flat on your back with your palms flat on the ground and your knees bent (so your legs aren’t flat on the ground. Place your left foot square on top of the block.
  • Engaging your core and legs, lift into a bridge position so your butt, back, and legs are off the ground (but your feet, shoulder blades, and head don’t move). Lower back down. Repeat for 10 reps total.
  • Now, lift your right foot up straight to the ceiling. Lift up into bridge and back down, keeping your right leg up straight in this position. Repeat for 10 reps total.
  • Next, lift into bridge position, and stay here as you lift and lower your right leg up and down for 10 reps total.
  • Still in bridge, keep your right leg lifted but lower it from the ceiling so your thighs are almost parallel. Pulse slightly up and down—so you’re lowering almost halfway to the ground and then back up again—for 10 reps total.
  • Finally, hold your lifted bridge position (with the right leg still lifted and parallel with your left thigh) for at least five seconds, squeezing your glutes as much as you possibly can.
  • Lower back onto the ground, hug your knees to your chest to help ease the burn, and repeat the entire sequence with your right foot on the block. (Sorry.)

Donkey Kicks

-Get onto your forearms and knees, holding your hands together.
-Keeping your foot flexed and your knee bent, kick your right foot up to the ceiling, so you feel a squeeze on your butt.
-Repeat for 12 reps and switch sides.
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