Tone your butt with 10 simple moves

If you’ve ever wondered how to get the butt of your dreams, using these moves may help you reach your goal. Keep a mat handy at home!

#1 Hip-Lifts

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Start on back with knees bent, feet flat on ground, and arms at sides.

Raise hips towards ceiling, hold, count 1, lower hips.

Repetitions for at least 60 seconds, contracting glutes and hamstrings during stretch.

For higher difficulty, kick out leg during stretch and hold 5 seconds.

Repetitions for 30 seconds, switching legs with higher difficulty.

Caution: do not overextend your spine and hurt your back.

#2 Toe Taps

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Position yourself on mat, lying down with arms at sides.

Bend knees 90 degrees and lift feet, thighs pointing upwards.

Alternate feet and tap toes to ground.

Continue for about 60 seconds.

Caution: if you feel back pain, let toes hover above ground.

#3 Single-Leg Raises (Front)

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With 5-pound dumbbell, stand with legs at hip-width.

Slight bend right leg and lift above ground.

Reach arms in front of you, palms down at chest height.

Arms straight, raise left arm above head, hold 3 seconds, return to chest height.

Alternate arms and do 4 repetitions on each side.

Switch legs and repeat.

#4 Kick-Back Squats

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Legs shoulder width apart, standing position.

Squat, bring fists near chin.

Reach arms forward and kick left leg behind.

Back to squat, switch sides.

Alternate sides for about 60 seconds.

In squat, weight kept on heels.

#5 Single-Leg Squat

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Feet together, standing, place one foot on folded towel on floor.

Shift weight to other leg, move towel to side with corresponding foot, ending in squat.

Back to initial position, continue for 30 seconds.

Switch sides.

#6 Squats with Dumbbells

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Hold 8-10 pound dumbbells by sides with feet shoulder-width.

Squat, weight on heels.

When standing back up, squeeze glutes tightly.

Do 15-20 repetitions.

Without dumbbells, jump into squat position and back up.

Caution: knees should not pass front of toes.

#7 Plie

Toes pointing outwards, feet wider than shoulders.

Arms in front, squat as low as possible.

Back up and repeat for about 40 seconds.

At 40 seconds, pulse in squat for another 20 seconds.

#8 Intense Lunges

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Hands on hips, keep feet together.

Lunge forward using right leg.

Jump, switch legs in air, land with left leg in forward lunge.

Alternate sides for 60 seconds.

Fists stay near chin.

#9 Sun Salutations

Move into downward facing dog, then into lunge.

Finish with chair pose and back up.

#10 Rotating Clam Dig

Lie on right side, head in hand.

Bend knees to 45 degrees in front.

5-8 pound dumbbell in free hand, elbow at side.

Lift upper leg and arm up to 90 degree angle, hold 2 seconds, repeat for 60 seconds.

Switch sides for same.

Using these 10 simple exercises on a regular basis in your daily life will lead you to the butt you’ve been waiting for.