Transform Your Body in Just 4 Weeks With These 5 Simple Exercises

The healthy life style is one of the most discussed topics nowadays. People are more and more getting into paying attention of what they are eating, what type of physical activities they are performing, and what is positive for their wellbeing in general.

Greater is the number of people who are ready to spend tons of money on expensive gym memberships, supplements, equipment, and even surgeries. Small is the number of people who decided to perform regular exercises at their comfortable homes and adopt healthy eating habits. Well, you may guess who is doing better in his attempts of getting a fit body.

The healthy eating habits are something that are going along with the proper workouts. The healthy foods are making you feel happier and fresher.

Today we are going to present to you a workout that will perfectly fit into your everyday activities and help you to lose the extra weight in the first four weeks. The weight will not be lost immediately, but after the fourth week you will notice the positive changes onto your body.

Following are the 5 exercises that are part of this workout as well the detailed explanations about each exercise.

Lying Hip Raises

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This exercise targets the gluteal muscles, hamstrings, abs, thighs, and back;

Start the exercise by laying down on your back. Bend your knees and put the feet on the ground into a flat position;

Spread the arms on your sides until the same forms an angle of 45 degrees;

As you are tightening the gluteal muscles, raise the hips;

Make several repetitions of the exercise.


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Although this is the most underrated exercise, the same is the most effective one. The same targets your abs and shoulders;

Start the exercise by bringing your body into a push-up position i.e. the upper part of the body should be in straight and in a same lime with the toes and elbows. The same need to be lifted a little bit. As you are maintaining the straight position of the upper body part, breathe deeply, and feel how all of your muscles are getting strong;

In order to maintain a balance and greater strength, contract the muscles of the buttocks and divide the body weight into both your elbows and legs;

Return the body to the initial position;

Bear in mind that while performing the exercise you should not move your waist or butt no matter what.


How to Do a Bird Dog or Quadraped | POPSUGAR Fitness

This exercise targets your lower back and abs;

Start the exercise by bringing your body on all your fours. Simultaneously, stretch the right arm and the left leg into a straight line;

Bend them until the right elbow touches the left knee;

Return your body to the starting position.


Squats For Beginners: How to do a Squat Correctly - YouTube

This exercise will target your quadriceps, calves, hams, and core;

Start the exercise by standing on both your knees so that the distance between the same will be as the one between the shoulders. The chest need to be raised up and out and the hands extended in a straight position in front of you;

Make a movement by bringing your hips to the back as you are going to sit on some chair. Lower the body down until the thighs get into a parallel position with the ground and the knees over the ankles;

Try to keep your body into this position for several seconds and then return the body to the initial position.


Rezultati i imazhit për Push-Ups

This exercise will elevate your body and target each muscles of your body;

Start the exercise by placing your knees and hands on the floor, so that the hands will be under the shoulders;

Drive your body onto the balls of the feet and the heels of the hands and bring your feet to the back until the entire body reaches a plank position;

Bend the elbows and lower the entire body on the ground;

Return to the initial position by pushing yourself.

This workout should be performed during a period of four weeks. The same is actually consisted of 2 sub-workouts that need to be followed. Here they are:


– perform planks in a period of 1 minute;

– perform push-ups in a period of 1 minute;

– perform squats in a period of 2 minutes;

– perform bird-dogs in a period of 1 minute;

– perform lying hip raises in a period of 1 minute;

– perform planks in a period of 1 minute;

– perform push-ups in a period of 1 minute; and

– perform squats in a period of 2 minutes.

You will have to make a pause of 10 seconds between every exercise.


– perform planks in a period of 3 minutes;

– perform bird-dog in a period of 3 minutes;

– perform lying hip raises in a period of 3 minutes; and

– perform push-ups in a period of 1 minute.

You will have to make a pause of 15 minutes between each exercise.



– 1st day: 1st sub-workout

– 2nd day: 2nd sub-workout

– 3rd day: 1st sub-workout

– 4th day: 2nd sub-workout

– 5th day: 1st sub-workout

– 6th day: 2nd sub-workout

– 7th day: day for a rest.


– 1st day: 2nd sub-workout

– 2nd day: 1st sub-workout

– 3rd day: 2nd sub-workout

– 4th day: 1st sub-workout

– 5th day: 2nd sub-workout

– 6th day: 1st sub-workout

– 7th day: day for a rest.

Once you will finish with the second week, start all over again with the first week