Walk And Lose Weight – Fast And Easy

Do you want to lose some weight but you are not very enthusiastic about exhausting training? There are some good news for you!

Recent studies proved that walking is more effective to lose and keep weight than other types of activity. We gather some simple tips to make your walking routine healthy and successful.

Check with your doc

Walking is allowed for everyone, but if you haven`t been training for ages, be careful! Your muscles and joints may be damaged by unexpected training. Consult your doctor first to know your body is ready.

Gear up

The next step will be the choosing of sport equipment. The most important part is your trainers. As your legs can swell you should choose a pair half size bigger than your.

Fight the chafe

To avoid rubbing choose some product such as petrolleum jelly. To prevent your skin from becoming harsh, you should use it on your inner thighs and under your bra.

Ease in

If you were avoiding physical activity for a long time, start your walking routine with 10 minutes daily and add 5 more minutes each week. It will help your body to adapt faster and avoid ache in muscles and joints.