Walking on a treadmill to lose weight: techniques, schedule, interval training

Many women dream about perfect bodies, especially these days. It is natural for some to think that once you fix your diet, everything will be ok, and it is true that what you eat matters greatly, yet there is something else. Dieting and working out go hand in hand with each other, and when you wish to achieve the perfect result, you need to combine the two.

– It is also true that not every one of us can hit the gym on a regular basis, that is why there is a list of home workout routines developed.

– However, that is not it either since all of us wish for the fastest result.

– Running is what you need for the fastest result but not everyone is comfortable with running outside and here is when the treadmill exercising comes in more than handy.

– Despite the equipment being easy to use and the process pretty simple to grasp there is a list of things you better pay attention to before starting your treadmill training.

– Like every other type of exercise, walking on a treadmill requires proper technique.

Before you start you should warm up your body properly.

– After that, you need to warm up on the treadmill as well for about 7 minutes of moderate walking.

– Only after that, you can increase the intensity; it is also essential to walk with your back straight.

– The interval training is also important for the best result.

– That is why you need to schedule your walking in such a way that you get your body to the highest point, then let rest for a while, and repeat.

– As for how many days a week you need to do the treadmill walking – you can decide it on your own, yet it is highly important that you listen to your body carefully.

– If you feel too tired you better not push forward, let your body regenerate, and the result will show itself soon.