Weekly ABS workout

Gone are the days when we thought we could simply crunch our way to that coveted six-pack. We know better—sculpting a whittled middle means calling into play all of your core muscles, from the rectus abdominus (AKA the six-pack) to the transverse abdominus to the internal and external obliques.

This month, we’re asking you to skip the sit-ups. Instead, let Tone House trainer Lauren Williams take you through a core-blasting series that not only nails each of your abdominal muscle groups, it works your core endurance, too. And while the saying goes “abs are made in the kitchen,” we promise these moves—coupled with HIIT intervals that burn fat fast—will help you check flatter abs off your To Do list no matter where you are.

So let’s break this down. Every week there’s a fast ab workout that you’ll do for four days of the week, plus a HIIT day, a sprint day, and a rest day. And each week this month, the ab workout gets a little bit harder (and a minute longer) so that by the end of our 30 days, you’re ready for our 9-minute ultimate ab assault superset. (Sound crazy? We promise if you stick with us, we’ll get you there!)

Weekly ABS workout videos

Follow along as Williams walks you through each week’s ab workout. (Come back every Friday to unlock the next week’s video!)


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