What you should know about asthma

– Asthma is such a disorder of the lower respiratory tract, when it is difficult to breathe, and, to be more precise, to exhale air.

– Asthma has several typical signs, as coughing, problems with breathing, exhaling with specific sound and tight chest.

– It is caused by certain factors, called triggers, like low temperature of air, allergens, irritants, infections.

– Smoking may cause asthma as well.

– Severe asthma attack without treatment can lead to death.

– No cure for asthma exists, but you can take it under control, and your life quality will not become worse.

– There are several types of treatment for asthma, mainly in form of inhalers – reliever, that are used to relieve symptoms and preventer ones, that should be used constantly to prevent an attack.

– But main key in asthma control is prevention, it is necessary to avoid triggers, that can provoke attack and stimulate progress of the disease.