All women want to look perfect regardless of their age. They make a lot of efforts to keep their skin, hair and body healthy. Unfortunately, it becomes much harder after they turn 40.

When we turn 40 years old, our body experiences some physical and emotional changes which occur gradually and make us feel uncomfortable and unconfident. One of such changes is that it becomes rather hard to control the weight and it’s also hard to keep our body slim and toned.

Today we have some necessary information for you. Here are 7 tips, which will help you to get a flat belly even after you are 40. Following at least some of these tips you can make your dream about perfect body come true.

1. Say no to sugary food

If you consume too much sugar, your body will transform it into fat causing the formation of excess weight. It can also lead to heart diseases and diabetes. So, you should limit the consumption of sugar. If you want to eat something sweet, it’s better to take an apple or a banana instead of donut, for example.

2. Avoid Crash Diets

The diets which promise quick results are gaining popularity more and more. Some of them can promise you something like “get rid of your belly fat in a week”. Well, maybe they are effective, but as a rule they are unhealthy and unbalanced. Besides, very often when people stop keeping diets like these, the get all the weight they lost back. So, make sure that your meal plan is well-balanced and isn’t harmful for your health.

3. Perform planks instead of crunches

Yes, crunches are a classical exercise which is rather popular among people who want to lose weight and get toned abs. But sometimes they can be not really effective. So, for you it will be better to perform planks. They will train not only your abs but legs and core muscles, too.

4. Don’t eat at night

Thousands of people all around the world have a harmful habit to eat at night. You should know that eating something (especially spice and fat food) less than 2 hours before going to bed you’ll never get a flat and toned belly.

5. Strength training

Some people think that running or some other kind of cardio exercises can provide them with toned abs. But to achieve such results you should perform strength workouts. This way you’ll strengthen and tone your abdominal muscles.

6. Yoga

If for some reason you have no opportunity or wish to perform strength or cardio workouts, you always can try yoga. It can be not very effective if you just want to get a flat stomach, but it will definitely make you healthy. There are poses which can help you to get a flat belly: dhanurasana, chakrasana, bhujangasana, vakrasana, and ustrasana.

7. Vitamin D and calcium

It’s very important to make a balanced meal plan since the deficiency of any element can cause serious health problems. According to the studies, vitamin D and calcium are the elements which help to reduce belly fat. So, make sure that your diet includes fatty fish, spinach, soybeans and other foods which are rich in these elements.

Your health is a valuable thing; look after your body and your mind so that you can live your life to the fullest

– Remember you only get one!

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