101-year-old Mom Makes Her Son Stop the Car so She Can Play in the Snow

While driving, many of us get irritated by traffic or slow drivers. And almost no one is excited to drive in snow. Despite all the chaos that snow can cause, this elderly woman found joy in the best way.

Many people get bored easily and don’t find any joy in everyday activities. We forgot how to live with full potential and often spend tons of money on things that won’t make us happy tomorrow. What is important in such times is to have an elderly friend, someone who can talk you into appreciating life more than ever before. Connect with your grandparents, as they have lived through both difficult and joyful moments in their life.

Meet this 105-year-old mother who enjoys life to its fullest. Like every kid, she finds joy in snow. Back in 2015 when Albina was 101-years-old, her son took her on a trip during winter in Lillooet, British Columbia. Albina was so excited about the snow, she asked her son, Armand, to pull over so she could have fun in the snow.

If you watched the video, you could see the strong elderly woman bending over and picking up snow. She then makes a snowball and throws it away. What a perfect moment to be captured!

Her son Armand shared the video right after he filmed it. He said:
“I turned the car around about 3 kilometers from town, but before I could get back on the road, the door flies open and out steps mom. When you have a mother that’s 101 years old, it’s a good thing to keep the camera nearby for those special moments.”

The video was captioned: “Here’s proof that if you find pure joy in the simple things you can live 100 years.”

The video went instantly viral and it gained 10 million views, 174K shares, and over 50K reactions. Bravo Mama Albina for warming our hearts!

Armand uploaded the video once again in 2018, writing: “Three years ago today that was mom playing in the snow. Now she’s 104 and doing very well. Can you imagine?”

Mama Albina gives a lesson to the ones who take life for granted. Life is too short to be wasted and as soon as you start to realize the things you wanted to do, it may be too late. Sometimes we rush to achieve our goals as quickly as possible. But, where is the joy? Take some time to relax and enjoy the little things that make you happy.

She is now 105-years-old but remains young by heart. According to her son, she makes everything in life more enjoyable.

“We laugh a lot. It’s a family thing. There’s no sign of mental degeneration. Physical, yes, but this moment is not unique for us. There are more of those and there have been, but this resonated with everyone.”

It is a pure pleasure to watch an elderly woman having such strength and will to live.

How is it possible to live until such an old age?
Science and medicine have through time and life expectancy has increased. Yet, hardly any people reach 100 years of age. And it is okay not to expect to live that long, as the average lifespan is 78.6 years. We need to try to live as best as we can. Have a purpose in life, eat and drink well and do not take everything for granted. Take e not form this lady – life is filled with joy, therefore take it in your hands and appreciate the small thing it gives you.