4 MEGA effective exercises to strengthen arms and abdomen for a slim figure

If you have found a few minutes of your precious time, you can also take advantage of it by working on your top, which we women often neglect. Before your workout, give yourself a short dynamic warm-up and then 10 minutes only, during which you will become really good. Give it a try :-)?

1 : Knee Push-ups


We place our whole body on a mat, open our palms and our thumbs stay next to the chest. The head is in extension with the spine and the spikes are active. Then we push and prepare for 20 handfuls of women . We must also remember to breathe well, inhale down and exhale up , while the belly and buttocks are strengthened.

2: Pull the elbow into a plank position

exercices de renforcement abdominal

We put our feet at the width of the mat, place our palms next to each other, with the thumbs of our palms touching. We strengthen the whole body and with a sigh, we bring the elbow up.
We repeat 20 times.

3: Roll the pelvis to the sides from the plank position on the forearms

exercices de perte de poids abdominale

The basic position is on the forearm, while the fingers are closed and we move the weight as far forward as possible. The buttocks are slightly raised and we turn the pelvis from side to side by a large elbow, with the inhalation in the middle and the exhalation turning to the side .
We repeat 20 times.

4: Pull the knee towards the elbow in plank position

meilleurs exercices du ventre

From the previous position on the forearm, we go up to the wrists, the palms are under the shoulders and the whole body is strengthened. Then, while exhaling, we pull the knee towards the elbow .
We repeat 20 times.

At the end of the exercise, don’t forget to indulge in some static stretching to loosen up your stiff muscles and feel more flexible and supple ;-).