5-minute Brazilian workout to lift and tone the butt

Someone has a beautiful body from nature, and someone needs to spend hours in the gym to achieve the body goals. For example, we all know that Brazilian women are famous for their beautiful curves and toned buttocks.

We are sure that many of you girls would also like to have a beautiful and firmer butt. So, what keeps you from your goal?

Nothing is impossible! Today we are glad to present you with a 5-minute Brazilian workout to lift and tone the butt.

This workout is designed by Brazilian native Leandro Carvalho, who revealed to us his sculpting secrets stateside of the Brazilian Butt Lift class.

This Brazilian workout includes 5 effective exercises that will help you achieve your body goals – a bigger, firmer, and more toned butt. Moreover, you probably already guessed that for each exercise you only need to spend one minute.

Only 5 exercises for 5 minutes 5 times a week will make you a real Brazilian woman.

So, girls, roll out your mat, pull on your favorite yoga pants, and start performing these 5 effective exercises that will help you feel the real burn in your buttocks.

Each exercise of this Brazilian workout will leave you feeling awesome, so you will look forward to your next workout!

#1. Brazilian Butt Lift Touchdown

#2. Brazilian Butt Lift Explosive Lunge

#3. Brazilian Butt Lift Lateral Sliding Lunge

#4. Brazilian Butt Lift Plie

#5. Brazilian Butt Lift Kick-Back