This 7 yoga poses are the very popular way for strengthening your muscles and promote your body looks. Nowadays, yoga is not just a meditation and it is often used the technique by bodybuilders and exercises who are constantly showing the benefits that yoga could achieve to your body and mind. If you try to workout with the yoga you will never be wrong, the goals that you can gain will help you get much healthier and quality lifestyle.

Here are the seven most popular yoga poses:

Triangle pose

How to Do Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana)

This is the pose which will help you with kettlebell windmills, deadlifts, and kettlebell swings. Nevertheless, this triangle pose has the power to stretch your hip movement deeper and open you in the best way. The other benefits from the triangle pose are connected with the weight lifting.

Downward dog

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Explains that this pose is not just about the spine and hips but could also help with the issues related to the ankle and Achilles tendon. This pose is going to give you a strength and mobility in the injured area.

Cobra pose

Yoga for weight loss: Cobra pose is the easiest asana to reduce belly fat

The cobra pose is a popular exercise for bodybuilders because it could open the chest or strength the spine. It is also a great move for you everyday weight trainers too because it is stretching the front of your shoulders and your core. That means that you could handle more weight.

Boat pose

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THe best pose for strengthening the spine and the hip flexors is so called boat pose. You might think at first that this pose is perfect just for the core, but you will see that the pose is actually good to relieve your stress, boost the metabolism and even the aid digestion.

Plank pose

According to Yoga International, the plank pose is ideal for the workout of the collarbones and the shoulders which don`t get worked so often. If you manage to do the planks in the right posture then you will immediately get a tightened core. The plank pose also stabilizes your spine.

Wheel pose

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This is the most balanced pose which requires flexibility and concentration. It is very good for your arms, chest, butt, abs, and legs. If you learn to do this pose in the proper way, the pose will help you strengthen all the muscles of your body.