I’m pretty sure many people don’t want to get sweaty , tired or cranky  running  10 miles every day to get the body you want. Don’t worry too much because there are many different ways to lose weight besides running. If you are currently trying to get in shape, weight training is the best way to go..

Weight training is one of the best ways to burn fat and get fit. When you start weight training there isn’t an exercise better than the Bulgarian split squat. Down below is the exercise that will get your abs, legs and glutes toned. After performing this exercise for a few weeks, you’ll defiantly start seeing some changes.

It’s Easy

Unlike the Olympic back or front squat, the Bulgarian split squat is designed to be easy and effective. The point of this workout is to strengthen both legs by focusing on them individually, this will allow for maximum rest and maximum effort to be put into each leg during each reputation.


To start the Bulgarian split squat you’ll need:  A high knee bench, box or platform. You will also need two dumbbells at the range you feel comfortable with. Lastly, you’ll need a pair of running or training shoes..

How to

To perform the Bulgarian split squat, place your right leg on the elevated surface of choice, next talk two hop step forwards until you back right thigh is parole with the floor.

Hold a dumbbell in each hand and bring your body down by bending your left knee until you have made a 90 degree angle, Stay in this spot for 3 seconds.

Make sure to push your left heal into the floor and stretch out your left knee until up right. While doing this make sure your Abdominal muscles are flexed throughout the entire movement.

Let the dumbbells hang on each side to ad resistance, if you’re going for a more challenging workout place the dumbbells on your shoulders during the squat. Perform this exercise for 10 repetitions on each side in sets of three.


Burn fat faster:  Running and jogging is a great way to sweat it out, but if you are working on losing weight the best way to burn it off is to build muscle. Bulgarian split squats are great because they won’t make you look bulky instead they will make you look lean. Studies have shown your body will burn up to 70 calories more each day for every additional pound of muscle you gain.

Helps to Tone Your Abs: You might not be doing crunches, but, Bulgarian split squat will have your stomach flat and abs rock hard. Bulgarian split squats require constant core engagement as a full body workout. This means as you target your legs you unknowingly work your abs to their absolute limit.

Improve Knee Stability: This isn’t like other lower body exercises that only focus on strength and muscle mass gain; the Bulgarian split squat forces the knee ligaments to  work in a way that will promote balance and knee stability. This exercise will actually strengthen the knee as a joint while also stretching its supporting muscles.