Get a Perfect Butt Shape – Tone the Glutes with These 6 Exercises

Everybody desires a well-toned body, which is not only a dream in nowadays because here are plenty of ways how to do it (through diet, exercises or life changing). A variety of exercises can be focused on different body parts as well as the entire body. As most of the women naturally tend to have a curvy butt, there are set of exercises that can be done to shape amazing butt and exhibit them in various ways.

The exercises below will help you to get a butt, you just need to follow them and perform them properly.

Step- Ups

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Step up is a proven exercise that shapes your butt as you desire. The advantage of this exercise is that it can be performed even at home. A raised platform is required.

–Starting position – Standing in front of the platform
–Step on the platform with one leg at a time, trying to raise your knee as high as possible.
–Repeat with another leg
–Repeat this exercise for around 10 minutes.

Rear Leg Shifts

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–Starting position – Bend on your knees and forearms;
–Raise slowly one leg off the floor and push the foot towards the ceiling (sky).
–Repeat 1 minute
–Bring the leg back down slowly and repeat the same with another leg.


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–Starting position – Lying on your back with knees pointing upwards.
–Lift your butt off the floor keeping feet, shoulders and head on the ground. Push your butt as high as you possibly can.
–Raise up one leg
–Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise as many times as you can for 1 minute
–Repeat the same with another leg

Deep Squats

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-Starting position – Standing position with your feet shoulder – width apart. Hold the weights behind your neck. Make squats as low as possible while keeping your back straight, in order to activate glutes maximum and help in getting your butt in shape.
–Perform it at least 1 minute.

Cossack Lunges

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–Starting position – standing position with your feet placed wider than shoulder- width apart.
–Shifting your weight to one side, squat down on one leg and keep the other leg straight. On the bottom position point the toes of the straight leg upwards.
–Repeat this with the other leg.
–Performing lasts 1 minute on each side.

Fire Hydrants

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–Starting position – kneeling position;
–Raise one leg to the side with a bent knee
–Repeat with another leg in sets of 3 or more.
Properly performed the above exercises will shape your thighs and lower legs, as well as your butt, which gets into the desired shape.