New Glass-Domed Train Offers Breathtaking Views From Colorado Rockies to Utah’s Red Rocks

The beauty and majesty of old-school train travel are now alive again by a slew of luxurious modern locomotives, and the latest entry comes courtesy of the Rocky Mountaineer.

The Canadian family that owns this company has introduced a glass-domed train that will chauffeur you in style through the scenic Southwest.

Furthermore, this luxury rail tour company is coming to Utah and providing passengers with a cushy view of the most scenic territories of some of the nations.

What does the train look like?

The latest two-day “Rockies to the Red Rocks” trip for the Rocky Mountaineer will launch in August 2021 and will run between Denver, Colorado and Moab, Utah.

What’s included in the price?

Via glass-domed cars and outdoor viewing areas, passengers spend all day on the train, watching the world around them. The price includes lavish packages, which mostly consist of interior service, including contextual presentations and regional meals.

The first day of the trip explores the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado, while day two offers passengers views of the rich red rock landscapes of Utah.

This region will astonish millions of people with its incredibly beautiful scenery, vast opportunities to explore, and all the national parks.

What’s the best thing about it, besides the scenery?

While it might be one of the most comfortable holidays you’ve ever experienced, you should still feel good because by purchasing it, you’re actually helping the world.

There is a small portion of your ticket that goes to help for the Rocky Mountaineer’s conservation activities. This project has won the “Sustainable Train Journey” award for and helping conserve the natural landscapes along its routes and for planting trees. Lo