The 5 stages of motivation in any weight-loss process

How many of you failed with your weight loss plan? Since you are here, it means that most likely – all of you. Why is that you may wonder – what is wrong with you? Well, worry not- you are not the only one, and there is nothing wrong with you. The thing is that many people fail with their fists attempt to lose weight.

There are too many things to take into consideration before starting with your workout routine, but many people neglect most of the steps and inevitable failure. Apart from the proper planning of what, when and how you are going to do that there is something else that you need – motivation. Without proper motivation there will be no result, we can tell it for sure already.

Today we are going to present to you five stages of motivation that you at least need to be aware of. Moreover, when you successfully pass on from one stage to another – you will surely get to the desired result no matter what. So let get the party started!

#1 Precontemplation

This is when you are perfectly fine with your body even though you are aware of the fact that there are some parts that you would better have toned up. Well, in case you are reading this – that means that the phase one has been entered and you are moving in the right direction. Keep going – the end result is surely worth it!

#2 Contemplation

This is the stage that notifies that you are aware of what is supposed to be done but most likely you are still unaware how to do it properly. The key point to successful weight loss is to understand that you have to give in to a healthy lifestyle, that means that a lot of changes are to be done and that is when people get stuck. If you are in this stage, it is important that you gather up proper information and that you come to the conclusion that living healthily is fun. Once you do that – you can move on to the next stage.

#3 Preparation

It is safe to say that this is the most important sage even though many people decide to skip it; we think skipping is not a really good thing because that can make you get stuck later on. What does preparation mean? That means that you have accepted the necessity to change the lifestyle and you are already introducing small change into your lifestyle, making it healthier and healthier with every day. That is why preparation step is highly important when it comes to your motivation.

#4 Action

This is the most difficult stage since you can set a goal and look for the ways to achieve them – that is anything but easy and mane people proceed and deal with these difficulties while the other fail and get back to stage one or two. However, if you manage to stick to this stage for at least half a year, you are on the right way, and you are going to be able to make later on, no matter how old you get.

#5 Maintenance

This is the last stage which means that you have achieved your goals and your lifestyle has been dramatically hanged, and you embraced the changes. If you stay in this stage for at least another half a year you will come to the understanding that you can’t imagine spending your life differently, you are in love with healthy food and exercising not to mention the tremendous change of your appearance, so – congrats!

Why some people can’t stay motivated? There are also stages to that, there are four of them in fact, and we will have a closer look at them so that you make sure you do not get unmotivated easily:

– 1. Giving up on old habits may be very difficult, we know that. It is hard to give up on something you are used to, and you like, but you have to make healthy choices, what is more, you do not have to quit just overnight, you have to make up your mind and slowly reduce until you reach the minimum.

-2. Your desire is not strong enough. Any time it feels like you want a pizza slice or skipping the gym session – just imagine how your weight increases and that should keep you motivated.

-3. The absence of result is the worst. When you do not see the result, it is hard to keep going. That is why you have to make sure that the plan you are following is the best for you.

-4. There are also issues that have nothing to do with motivation – health issues. When there is something wrong with your hormones, it is very difficult to achieve the result that is why you should have them checked in case you suspect anything like this from your body.