These 5 Moves Will Give You The Perky Booty Of Your Dreams!

Gettin’ that bubble booty takes work girl! In addition to workouts, nutrition is also key for sculpting a round rear. Each of the five moves below focuses on a different set of muscles — including the lower, upper, and outer glute — to achieve maximum toning.

But first…we’re about to nerd out on some fitness + nutrition deets! ?

Your body alternates between two stages: anabolism (muscle synthesis) and catabolism (muscle breakdown). You need both to build beautiful, lean muscle! Catabolism happens while you’re working out. Your bod is breaking down fibers and using energy with every squat, deadlift, lunge, and burpee. Your glutes require a lot of energy and protein post-workout to assist in anabolism and building muscle. Timing is crucial for getting maximum benefits

Slider Hamstring Curls
The Best Leg Workout for Women | Shape

Tones hamstrings and booty! We call them “Damn-ies!” 
Pull both legs toward your body until heels are directly below your knees. Make sure that your knees don’t go past your toes. Return to start. To modify, do one let at a time.
Complete 14 reps x3
*If you don’t have the Tone It Up Sliders, you can use a paper plate on carpet or towel on a hard surface!

Squat + Leg Abduction

Squat Band Hip Abduction | Illustrated Exercise Guide

Tones quads, booty, and outer booty!
Wrap the Booty Bands just above your ankles and stand with your legs hip-width apart. Sit back as you lower down, making sure your knees don’t go past your toes. After you stand back up, lift your right leg directly out to the side. Lower leg back down and immediately perform another squat. Lift your left leg this time as you stand up. You can also perform without band as a modification.
Complete 14 reps total x3

Single Leg Deadlift

How to Do A Single-Leg Romanian Deadlift - Fitwirr | Deadlift, Leg workout, Exercise

Tones hamstrings, lower back, and booty!
Begin standing with your weight shifted into your left foot and holding a dumbbell in each hand in front of your hips. Hinge from the hips and keep your back neutral as you lower your chest down and lift your right leg behind you. Engage your core to maintain balance. Slowly return to start.
Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3

Slider Side Lunge

You'll Want To Add This Lunge To The Beginning of Every Workout | Women's Health

Sculpts outer booty and quads!
As you lower your booty down, push the slider out with your right leg so that you’re in a side lunge position. Make sure your left knee doesn’t go past your toes. Drag the slider back as you return to start.
Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3
*If you don’t have the Tone It Up Sliders, you can use a paper plate!

Donkey Kick

Beginner Pull Up Bar Dip Station Workout - 9. Donkey Kick

Tones hamstrings and lifts tush!
Begin in a tabletop position with hands directly below shoulders and a dumbbell behind your right knee. Keep your right leg bent as you lift it into the air. Squeeze your booty to lift your leg higher. Slowly return to start.
Complete 14 reps, then switch sides x3