Solid glutes increase your force and power amid everything from run, hopping, and hunching down to climbing, swinging, and slicing from side to side. It’s a great opportunity to work those glutes and tone your barge in on in only 10 minutes.

Exercise 1 

THis is a great way of relaxing tension in your lower back and simultaneously tone butt and thighs. It is advised to do this exercise on a yoga matt and even surface.

•Lay on your back on a mat, place your arms at your sides and palms facing in downward for support. Make your legs bent at the knees and feet flat on the ground
•Begin by lifting your hips up and hold it for 1 count. Take the help of your palms for pushing and relaxing of your hips
•Slowly lower your back down to the starting position and rest for a while. This makes one complete cycle. Repeat this 60 sec.
•Try lifting one leg upward for a more intense workout

Exercise 2 

Lie on back and get into tabletop position: legs up and hips and knees bent at 90 degrees. Maintain neutral spine. Inhale to prepare. Exhale and lower left knee, tapping toes on floor. Inhale and bring leg to starting position. Repeat on other side. Do eight to 10 reps. If this feels easy, do the exercise on both legs simultaneously.

Exercise 3

Once you have mastered all types of squats(as listed above), you may proceed with the single leg squat. It is pretty challenging, thus you need to be consistent and patient. To begin with this one, you first need to stand up straight. Plant your right heel slightly in front of your left foot and keep your right leg straight. Slowly bend your left knee to squat keeping your back straight, and extend your right leg slowly as you squat (as shown in the image). Stand back up, and repeat this with the other leg. Do a set of 3, consisting reps of 10 for each side.

Exercise 4 

Stand with feet together, toes pointing forward, and arms bent at sides. Bend knees and hips into a squat, as if you were sitting in a chair (A), and hold for 3 counts. As you rise, press right leg back and squeeze glutes (B). Hold for 1 count, then lower. Switch legs after each set.
Make it easier: Don’t squat as deeply, and keep toes on floor when pressing back.

Exercise 5 

Repeat with left/right leg. (No need to add additional pulses when you progress to 3 sets.)

Exercise 6 

Jumping lunges are great… They target the booty, thighs, calves, core, and get you breathing heavy fast! These can be done in single jumps with slow controlled depth and an explosive jump. Or you can go faster on the descent and jump for a more intense movement!”