All of us want to get the results of a hard workout, speedy metabolism, improved balance, reduced risk of injuries, decreased stress, heightened flexibility and toned abs. Everybody starts with confidence, fully motivated going to the gym and lifting heavy weight, but that lasts until we feel too sore to open our car door and drive home. It feels very good until we start realizing that our daily schedule is way too busy for us to spend that much time in the gym each day.

But there is a simple and very effective exercise called the plan exercise, and it provides amazing benefits, just as much as a full workout. And that is not the best thing, it can also be preformed anywhere, anytime and how you like it. Find those positions that make you feel like you are burning fat the most, and do them every day for about 10 minutes.

7 Reasons to Start Doing Planks Workout Every Day

1. Improve Body Posture

The lifestyle we live today is quite conductive to slouching. But doing the plank exercise on daily basis will create a stable and straight posture. Our abdominal muscles are the ones that are vital for the positioning of our shoulders, chest, neck and back.

2. Enhance Performance and Core Definition

The plank exercise is strengthening our core muscles, and builds our body in the next ways:

  • Glutes — Results are toned and strong buttocks.
  • Oblique Muscles  — The capacity for waist-twisting and side-bending will be increased.
  • Rectus Abdominous — Defines the abs, and improves jumping.
  • Transverse Abdominis — Improves the ability to lift heavier weights.

3. Boosts our Metabolism

Doing the plank exercise regularly will make your metabolism to maintain a higher metabolic rate throughout the whole day, therefore burn more energy.

4. Improve Overall Balance

The side plank exercise is enhancing the balance capabilities of our body, and every general ability in all type of exercises as well.

5. Increased Flexibility

While you do the plank exercise your shoulders, shoulder blades, toes, arches, hamstrings, and collarbone are expanded and stretched out. To oblique the muscles the side plank exercise is perfect, at the same time stretching out your toes, that will support in the body weight.

6. Mental Benefits

While in this position your nerves and mood are influenced, by the stretch of your muscles, which release stress and tension. This is very beneficial in case of depression or anxiety because it relaxes our brain as well.

7. Lowers the risk of Spine and Back Injury

The plank exercise is strengthening our muscles without putting much pressure on our spine and our hips. Therefore this exercise is supportive for our back, while relieving camps and pain at the same time.

Do It Right!

In order to get the benefits of the exercise make sure you don’t do these mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible!


  • Hold your breath.
  • Allow your head, hips and shoulders to drop down.
  • Try holding the position longer, it is much wiser to preform it correctly and maintain the correct position for a shorter period, than to be in an incorrect position for a longer period.
  • Placing your hands too close will cause instability in the shoulder joints and internal rotation.

Begin Now!

This is one of the most simple exercises that provide the most effects, support your body weight and strengthen you muscles as well. Nothing is more simple that this exercise, even a challenging physical exercise. Start from your own level and build your way to the top. The results that will be noticeable after a short period of time will keep you motivated and they will make your work out even more.

21 Day Plank Exercise Challenge

Days 1 to 2: One set for half a minute planks.

Days 3 to 7: Do two sets for half a minute planks, it is best to do one set in the morning and one set before going to sleep. If it is too easy for you, boost it up to 60 second planks.

Days 8 to 10: Keep it up with at least 2 sets of a minute planks every day. This is the time when you can get sloppy, focus on the position, try to maintain the correct one from the beginning to the end!

Days 11 to 15: Try some variations of the plank exercise. Start on the forearms supporting, then you can raise yourself to balance with your hands, than one hand, than the other one, than lower your back, and with your forearms again. Do this until 60 seconds have passed.

Days 16 to 18: Push yourself to the limit, aim the time as much as possible, start with 90 seconds than go to 120, and do more if you can, but never run out of focus of your position and the form of your body.

Days 19 to 21: Do some variations, shaken up a little bit. Do one set in he morning than in the evening and try to beat your own records of doing the exercise.
Source : theheartysoul.com