What does your birth month bird reveal about your personality

Birds can tell you a lot! Choose a bird on the month of your birth and read about your traits.

#1. January: Owl

Owls are responsive and loyal, they care about the weak. People used to think that owls were closed, but they are actually shy. These birds are very intelligent and wise, they always achieve their goals.

#2. February: Parrot

These birds are bright and crazy. Parrots are real thrill seekers. They are crazy about skydiving, diving and bungee jumping. They will take up any challenge!

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#3. March: Robin

Robins are very sensitive. You need to be careful with your statements because they get hurt easily. Robins are loyal friends, they will always help you in difficult times.

#4. April: Canary

These birds are cheerful, bright and freedom-loving. The Canaries are romantic, as they can’t live without adventures.

#5. May: Nightingale

Nightingales love to dream. They suffer from mood swings. Among them, you can often find creative people — poets, artists, musicians and singers.

#6. June: Dove

Pigeons have a strong personality, that’s why they become the real leaders. These birds always protect the weak.

#7. July: Eagle

The eagles need harmony because they enjoy aesthetic beauty. These birds observe the rules of etiquette and speak proficiently and efficiently.

#8. August: Kingfisher

Peaceful and good-natured Kingfisher is famous for its nobility. He has a good heart. Men of this sign are distinguished and exhibit chivalrous behavior towards women.

#9. September: Hawk

Balanced, calm Hawk is extremely polite and friendly towards people. The hawks believe that intelligent and decent people have to get ahead in life, to become rich and occupy a high position in society.

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#10. October: Swan

Swans are demanding and wise.They are content with a simple life, as they achieve fulfillment by sharing their love and the experience.

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#11. November: Rooster

The roosters are bright and extraordinary. They have a rich imagination and deep understanding of art. Most of their free time they travel around the world.

#12. December: Raven

Raven wants to become perfect and strive for success. Every day he tries to become better than he was before. He thinks outside the box.

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